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Photo of An image of an established windbreak on a farm in Colorado. USDA Forest Service
ID: 748
Biomass Equations for Agroforestry's Working Trees

A collaboration between the Forest Service and the University of Nebraska is providing a basis for determining the most efficient and accurate w ...

Principal Investigator : Michele Schoeneberger

Water, Air, and Soil2014WO
Photo of Research supported by the National Agroforestry Center is helping to estimate the carbon sequestration benefits of windbreaks. U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agroforestry Center.
ID: 1136
Counting the Carbon from Working Trees in US Agricultural Lands

Ever since the Dust Bowl Days, windbreaks and other Working Tree practices have been contributing to the health and resiliency of U.S. agricultu ...

Principal Investigator : Michele Schoeneberger

Water, Air, and Soil2016WO