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Photo of Standardized sampling of sagebrush habitats can inform management actions for sagebrush obligates like greater sage-grouse. Mary Rowland, USDA Forest Service
ID: 758
National Technical Guide Provides a Foundation for Monitoring Wildlife Habitat on National Forests

This technical guide offers comprehensive guidance for habitat monitoring on public lands in the United States, particularly national forests an ...

Principal Investigator : Mary M. Rowland

Wildlife and Fish
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Exclosures protect riparian plantings from browsing by deer and elk at Starkey Experimental Forest and Range, Oregon.
ID: 1348
Quantifying the effects of deer and elk on riparian plantings installed to improve salmon habitat

Researchers evaluated elk and mule deer impacts on deciduous woody riparian plantings along Meadow Creek, a steelhead- and Chinook salmon-bearin ...

Principal Investigator : Mary M. Rowland

Wildlife and Fish2017PNW