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Photo of Prescribed fires, like this one in El Dorado National Forest,  can reduce wildfire fuels. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 942
Balancing Forest Carbon Storage, Wildfire, and Sensitive Species Habitat

Land managers can increase carbon stocks while providing endangered species habitat if fuels reduction (primarily prescribed fire, but also unde ...

Principal Investigator : Malcolm P. North

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Forest Service fire fighter using a drip torch on a prescribed burn.
ID: 1385
Developing strategies to increase the pace and scale of forest restoration.

Two published papers by Forest Service scientists are a foundation for the new forest plans being developed by three of the eight early adopter ...

Principal Investigator : Malcolm P. North

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of
ID: 115
Report Offers New Management Strategies for Sierra Nevada Forests

Concrete examples of science-based strategies are a hit with managers and stakeholders

Principal Investigator : Malcolm P. North

Resource Management and Use2012PSW
Photo of
ID: 230
Research Determines Carbon Costs and Benefits of Fuels Treatments

In the western United States, nearly a century of fire suppression has increased tree densities and fuel accumulations. In forests that were his ...

Principal Investigator : Malcolm P. North

Wildlife and Fish2010PSW