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Photo of Sampling for soil macroinvertebrates in Bartlett Experimental Forest (White Mountain National Forest) in New Hampshire. Evelyn S. Wenk, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1015
Earthworms, Millipedes, and Soil Carbon in the Eastern U.S.

Earthworms, millipedes, and other soil invertebrates directly contribute to forest soil processes such as leaf litter decomposition and soil org ...

Principal Investigator : Mac Callaham

Invasive Species2016SRS
Photo of An invasive earthworm of the species Amynthas agrestis used in this experiment.
ID: 1327
Invasive earthworms have unexpected effects on other soil organisms

Invasive earthworms alter the structure and function of soil. Forest Service scientists show that these earthworms decrease the abundance of spr ...

Principal Investigator : Mac Callaham

Invasive Species2017SRS
Photo of Asian earthworm (Amynthas agrestis).  This species is invading eastern deciduous forests across North America. USDAForest Service
ID: 906
Prescribed Fire to Stem the Tide of Earthworm Invasion

Asian earthworms are currently invading eastern deciduous forests from Georgia to Vermont. Because these earthworms eat leaf litter in the fores ...

Principal Investigator : Mac Callaham

Invasive Species2015SRS
Photo of Immature leaves and fruits of the exotic invasive shrub, Chinese privet. James Miller and Ted Bodner, Southern Weed Science Society
ID: 708
Short-circuiting an Invasional Meltdown

Chinese privet is an invasive plant species in flood plain forests of the southeastern U.S., in some cases occupying up to 80 percent of availab ...

Principal Investigator : Mac Callaham

Invasive Species2014SRS
Photo of Soil fauna like this Diplocardia sp. are important are important for soil processes like decomposition and should be included in such research.
ID: 1300
Soil fauna are of vital importance to soil processes and deserve attention

Although soil fauna are critically important for many ecosystem services, they are often neglected by researchers. Scientists at the Forest Serv ...

Principal Investigator : Mac Callaham

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