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Photo of The stakes in the image are southern pine pressure treated with extractives of naturally durable wood species. These stakes have been installed in ground contact in Mississippi and Wisconsin and will be evaluated for the next 10 years.
ID: 1298
Effective utilization of naturally durable wood biomass offers an overlooked source of potential wood protectants

Forest Service researchers at the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisc., are evaluating extractives as potential next-generation wood pre ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Mankowski, E.

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish
Invasive Species
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Researchers studied the effect of diet on carpenter ant brood development. ?Clemson University, USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series,
ID: 895
Effects of Diet on Brood Development in the Carpenter Ant

A Forest Service scientist fed carpenter ants an artificial diet, and variations of this diet, with nutrient components removed to examine the e ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Mankowski, E.

Invasive Species2015FPL
Photo of Completed efficacy trial plots on the Chipola Experimental Forest. USDA Forest Service
ID: 889
USFS Termiticide Report for 2014

The most recent efficacy data for termiticides currently on the market were reported as part of the USDA Forest Service Termiticide Testing Prog ...

Principal Investigator : Mark Mankowski, E.

Invasive Species2015FPL