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Highlight IDTitleStrategic Program Area(s)YearStation
Photo of MillionTreesNYC Training Program participants at a volunteer planting day in Staten Island, NY. Brian Aucoin, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
ID: 496
Forest Service Partnership with MillionTreesNYC

The demand for a well-trained green-collar labor force will increase as many cities implement sustainability and green infrastructure plans. Add ...

Principal Investigator : Lindsay K. Campbell

Resource Management and Use2013NRS
Photo of Kayakers at Freshkills Park site Photo provided by NYC Parks. New York City Parks.
ID: 1007
Forest Service Research Evaluates Public Response to Transformed Landfill

City parks are easy to love, but would you love, or visit, a park that used to be a landfill? As part of a team that included the New York City ...

Principal Investigator : Lindsay K. Campbell

Outdoor Recreation2016NRS
Photo of Kayakers in Freshkills Park, NYC. Forest Service
ID: 54
From World's Largest Landfill to New York City's Newest Park

The story of the restoration of Fresh Kills Salt Marsh, Staten Island, NY

Principal Investigator : Lindsay K. Campbell

Resource Management and Use
Outdoor Recreation
Photo of Social assessment crew member interviews park user on Jamaica Bay. Joana Chan, USDA Forest Service
ID: 638
Scientists Assess Social Meaning of Jamaica Bay Region Parkland

The Jamaica Bay region of New York City is a focus of resiliency planning and adaptive management efforts. Working with natural resource manager ...

Principal Investigator : Lindsay K. Campbell

Resource Management and Use2014NRS