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Photo of Staff at Mississippi Park Connection are testing bald cypress and black tupelo as potential replacements to ash trees lost to emerald ash borer at Pigs Eye Park in Saint Paul, MN. These species were chosen because they are adapted to warmer temperatures and flooding.
ID: 1213
Adapting urban forests to a changing climate

A framework for urban forest vulnerability assessment and adaptation, piloted with partners in the Chicago region, is informing master planning ...

Principal Investigator : Leslie Brandt

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of The Adaptation Workbook online tool is a structured tool for land managers to use to integrate climate change into management plans. Users of the tool draw from ecosystem vulnerability assessments published by the Forest Service’s Northern Research Station. Danielle Shannon, Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science.
ID: 1125
Resources Help Land Managers Adapt to a Changing Climate

An adaptation planning tool developed by the Forest Service and its partners has helped generate more than 185 examples of climate change adapta ...

Principal Investigator : Leslie Brandt

Resource Management and Use2016NRS
Photo of
ID: 36
Scientists and Managers Work To Develop Climate-Smart Conservation Strategies

Project that addresses the needs of land managers in a changing climate has expanded to nine States and more than 133 million acres

Principal Investigator : Leslie Brandt

Resource Management and Use2012NRS
Photo of Village Of Riverside, one of 10 communities participating in the pilot effort in the Chicago Wilderness region. Michael Collins, Village of Riverside
ID: 852
Urban Forestry Climate Change Response Framework Pilot Launched

Forest Service scientists are working to incorporate climate change considerations into urban forest management in the Chicago area. Recently, t ...

Principal Investigator : Leslie Brandt

Resource Management and Use2015NRS