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Photo of Recent studies measured the distribution of carbon in pools in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. USDA Forest Service
ID: 543
Carbon Storage in Mountain Rivers Studied

Findings show that low-gradient, broad valley bottoms with old-growth forest or active beaver colonies store the majority of above- and below-gr ...

Principal Investigator : Kathleen A. Dwire

Water, Air, and Soil2013RMRS
Photo of Region 4 Science Partner Program groundwater dependent ecosystems team members collect data.
ID: 1429
The Region 4 — RMRS Science Partner Program: Working to improve management strategies and communication through shared stewardship

In 2016, the Rocky Mountain Research Station launched the Region 4—Rocky Mountain Research Station Science Partner Pilot program. The program' ...

Principal Investigator : Kathleen A. Dwire

Outdoor Recreation
Resource Management and Use
Inventory and Monitoring
Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish