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Photo of Map of Luquillo Mountains, including El Yunque National Forest/Luquillo Experimental Forest and its locations in NE Puerto Rico where bird population monitoring occurred. The black circles represent sites sampled in 2015 with automated acoustic recorders and yellow circles sites with historical point count data. Different colors represent differences in elevation (m a.s.l.).
ID: 1452
Have bird distributions shifted along an elevation gradient with climate change over a 17-year period in El Yunque National Forest?

Expected elevational shifts in bird distributions with global warming may be species-specific and, hence not readily predictable for many bird s ...

Principal Investigator : Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.

Outdoor Recreation
Wildlife and Fish
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Leucaena leucocephala, one of the dominate non-native trees found in the novel Prosopis-Leucaena woodlands in Puerto Rico. Ron Lance
ID: 460
When Insectivorous Birds Want to Forage in Puerto Rico, What Trees do They Prefer?

High foliage palatability of some alien tree species may weaken the effect of the so-called enemy release that occurs when introduction of a pla ...

Principal Investigator : Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.

Wildlife and Fish2013IITF
Photo of Bottom two photos: Left photo shows student intern Scott Johnson and project field directorJennifer White at a goat farm site (11 years after clearing) where the Kirtland's Warblers were abundant. Right photo shows a female Kirtland's Warbler.
ID: 591
Winter Ecology and Conservation Implications for the Endangered Migrant Kirtland's Warbler in the Bahamas

Winter droughts reduce the endangered Kirtland's Warbler's food supply and body condition in the Bahamas, which affect its survival and breeding ...

Principal Investigator : Joseph M. Wunderle, Jr.

Wildlife and Fish2014IITF