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Photo of
ID: 405
Giving forest-fringe communities a stake in restoring and conserving rainforests in Africa

Restoring, conserving and protecting forests depends on the action of local communities. Community members can be given incentives to conserve f ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Modeled loblolly pine yield (mean annual increment) in cubic meters per hectare per year at age 12 for the 13 states in the southern US, visualization smoothed using simple Kriging. Dark lines encompass the native range of loblolly pine.
ID: 1302
Potential profitability of loblolly pine and eastern cottonwood short-rotation

Coastal areas such as southeast Texas, southwest Louisiana, and northern Florida have the highest potential yield for loblolly pine. It is poten ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Water, Air, and Soil2017SRS
Photo of In the dry tropical forest zone of Ghana, a combination of extractive logging without adequate regeneration, fire, and invasion by Chomolaena odorata resulted in severly degraded forests. John Stanturg, USDA Forest Service
ID: 710
Restoring Forest Landscapes

An estimated 1 billion acres of globally degraded forest are in need of restoration today and climate change likely will drive more acres into t ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Resource Management and Use2014SRS
Photo of Liberia is a densely populated nation in West Africa. As a post-conflict nation, it is susceptible to disease epidemics, as well as to climate and environmental stressors. USDA Forest Service
ID: 902
Social Vulnerability and the Ebola Virus Outbreak in Liberia

Social vulnerability indices used in climate change and natural hazards research can also be used in other contexts, such as disease outbreaks. ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Resource Management and Use2015SRS
Photo of Climate is the most important enviromental factor affecting long-term variability and change of wildfire. R.C. Wilkinson, Univerisity of Florida
ID: 149
Wildfire in the United States: Future Trends and Potential

Climate models project warming and increased droughts this century in the continental United States, so wildfire is likely to increase according ...

Principal Investigator : John A. Stanturf

Wildland Fire and Fuels2012SRS