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Photo of Andrena perplexa. This genus of bees tends to be solitary, nest in the ground, and was found in 6 Experimental Forest sites in the western half of the US. Graham Snodgrass for Sam Droege of USGS
ID: 323
Experimental Forest Network Hosts Nationwide Bee Monitoring Project

There is a widespread perception that populations of pollinating insects in North America are in decline.

Principal Investigator : James M. Guldin

Wildlife and Fish2011IITF
Photo of A prescribed fire being ignited under controlled conditions to promote open woodland habitat suitable for endangered species in the Ouachita Mountains. Virginia McDaniel, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1040
Fuel, Smoke, and Prescribed Fire in the Ouachita Mountains

Prescribed burning is a key tool in restoration and management of native stands of southern pines in the southern U.S., but the smoke produced b ...

Principal Investigator : James M. Guldin

Resource Management and Use2016SRS
Photo of
ID: 415
How much does a woodpecker cost

Using simulations to predict the value of timber production lost due to conserving an endangered species

Principal Investigator : James M. Guldin

Resource Management and Use2011SRS
Photo of Abundant longleaf pine cones at the Stuart Seed Orchard in the summer of 2014 point to a bumper seed crop in the fall of 2014.
ID: 1307
Longleaf pine seed collection in Texas boosts restoration efforts of this important species

Longleaf pine is an unpredictable seed producer and adequate or better seed crops occur once every five years or even more infrequently. Efforts ...

Principal Investigator : James M. Guldin

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil