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Photo of An aerial view shows an experimental watershed study on the hydrologic impacts of forest clearing in North Carolina’s Piedmont region. David Jones, North Carolina Forest Service
ID: 934
Forest Cover Plays a More Critical Role in Regulating Water Resources in the Piedmont than in the Mountains and Coastal Plain

The mountains, Piedmont, and coastal plain are three distinct land provinces across the southeastern U.S. Population density, topography, and ty ...

Principal Investigator : Johnny Boggs

Water, Air, and Soil2015SRS
Photo of Researchers measured sediment in water samples upstream and downstream of stream crossing sites, such as this steel bridgemat at a skid trail crossing, before, during, and after harvesting operations.
ID: 1319
Water samples provide further guidance on how best to protect water quality at stream crossings in Piedmont forests

Sedimentation inputs to streams are some of the biggest current and future challenges for land and water managers. Preventing stream sediment ge ...

Principal Investigator : Johnny Boggs

Water, Air, and Soil
Wildlife and Fish