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Photo of Bacterial infection in termites experiencing colony collapse. The red coloration in the termite's head is from a colored pigment produced by the bacteria. Rachel Arango, Forest Service
ID: 302
Colony collapse of Eastern subterranean termites

Termite colonies in laboratory and field tests were rapidly eliminated using a trap, treat and release method with commercial termite toxicants ...

Principal Investigator : Frederick Green

Invasive Species2011FPL
Photo of Termites dusted with N'N-hydroxynapthalimide for release back into the colony. Forest Service
ID: 155
Termite Eradication: A search for the Holy Grail

Regarding Wisconsin termines, laboratory tests were initiated to evaluate transfer of a number of different dusting compounds to un-dusted colon ...

Principal Investigator : Frederick Green

Invasive Species2010FPL