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Photo of Tropical forest clearing and rates of forest regrowth can be monitored with multispectral satellite imagery for forest carbon accounting for programs such as the United Nations REDD+ program.  U.S. Geological Survey, the Brazilian Institute for Space Research, and NASA.
ID: 781
A Synthesis of How Multispectral Satellite Imagery Can Support Inventories of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Tropical Forest Clearing and Regrowth

Human clearing, logging, and burning of tropical forests accounts for at least 19 percent of annual human-caused emissions of carbon dioxide to ...

Principal Investigator : Eileen H. Helmer

Inventory and Monitoring2015IITF
Photo of False color composite of the four representative Landsat MSS images – the older images that go back to the 1970s, in Puerto Rico, and their cloud and shadow masks by the new method, ATSA2 (gray: clear pixels; black: shadows; white: clouds, DOY = Day of Year)
ID: 1474
Automated monitoring of tropical deforestation made easier

New algorithm permits automated tropical forest monitoring back to the 1970s and allows more frequent observations since the year 2015

Principal Investigator : Eileen H. Helmer

Inventory and Monitoring
Outdoor Recreation
Photo of Forest disturbance type, age and vertical structure were mapped for the first time with widely available satellite imagery, substituting an image time series for vertical forest canopy space. Forest Service
ID: 194
Mapping avian habitat characteristics using cloud-cleared satellite image mosaics

Forest age, vertical structure, disturbance For studies of wintering habitat for the endangered Kirtland's Warbler, scientists from the Forest S ...

Principal Investigator : Eileen H. Helmer

Inventory and Monitoring
Wildlife and Fish
Photo of IITF scientists and collaborators mapped 40 forest types plus urban and agricultural areas for Trinidad and Tobago in the first country-wide map of tropical forest tree communities and land cover.  Eileen H. Helmer, Forest Service
ID: 21
New Study Leads the Way to Detailed Mapping of Tropical Rain Forest Types

Tropical tree communities mapped for Trinidad and Tobago with satellite imagery

Principal Investigator : Eileen H. Helmer

Wildlife and Fish
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Soil sample. Thomas J. Brandein, Forest Service
ID: 593
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Content in Forest Floor Litter is Elevated in a Tropical Landscape Recovering from Deforestation

Fallen leaf chemistry provides a window into the various and often complex factors affecting the availability of nutrients to trees. Both nitrog ...

Principal Investigator : Eileen H. Helmer

Inventory and Monitoring2014IITF