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Photo of A diverse mix of managers and scientists join in the field to discuss and discover creative solutions for oak regeneration using prescribed fire. Erin Lane, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1078
Fire in Oak: Bringing Together Managers and Scientists for Solutions in the Northeast

The North Atlantic Fire Science Exchange brings together diverse partners to learn and work together to address the issue of regenerating oak us ...

Principal Investigator : Erin Lane

Wildland Fire and Fuels2016NRS
Photo of Managing water and nutrient quality produces a balanced and resilient landscape at Angus Glen Farm, N.Y., where they are practicing silvopasturing.
ID: 1235
Virtual tours showcase climate adaptation stories “As If You Were There”

The USDA Northeast Climate Hub developed a series of “As If You Were There” virtual tours designed to introduce users to climate adaptation ...

Principal Investigator : Erin Lane

Wildlife and Fish
Water, Air, and Soil