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Photo of Chamise (a), and manzanita (b) growth originating from sprouting lignotubers burned in October 2006 on the North Mountain Experimental Area near Riverside, California, July 2010.
ID: 1377
How does a crown fire spread in shrubs?

The details of how a flame spreads through the canopy of a shrubland is not well-described in scientific literature. Recent experiments and mode ...

Principal Investigator : David R. Weise

Inventory and Monitoring2017PSW
Photo of Flaming with special sample holder with thermocouples in the cone calorimeter test
ID: 1449
Pyrolysis and Combustion Material Properties of Naturally Heterogeneous Fuel Beds of Southern Pine Forests

Detailed computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models for fire behavior of various live and dead foliage can benefit from the Forest Products Labor ...

Principal Investigator : David R. Weise

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Merging of a ring of fire burning in longleaf pine understory (Pinus palustris Mill). Note the significant change in fire behavior as the flame fronts converge.
ID: 1375
Scientists model interaction of multiple fires

Using multiple fires is a key tool used by prescribed burners to control fire behavior but understanding and measurements of how the fires inter ...

Principal Investigator : David R. Weise

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Inventory and Monitoring
Photo of Fire brands can rapidly advance a fire perimeter and increase the challenge to fire suppression forces.
ID: 358
Synthesis of firebrand knowledge and research

Firebrands are an important fire spread mechanism in wildland and urban fires. While known since at least the Great London Fire of 1666, the fi ...

Principal Investigator : David R. Weise

Wildland Fire and Fuels2011PSW