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Photo of FPL's Centennial Research Facility, opened in June 2010, is a combined steel and wood structure with precast concrete panel exterior skin, composite wood fins, and an EPDM roof system. Steve Schmieding, Forest Service
ID: 287
Nonresidential Building Construction in the United States,

The construction of low-rise nonresidential buildings is an important market for lumber, structural and nonstructural wood panels, and engineere ...

Principal Investigator : David B. Mckeever

Resource Management and Use2011FPL
Photo of The LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma, Washington, exemplifies wood use in nonresidential building construction. APA, The Engineered Wood Association
ID: 432
Study Analyzes Construction Trends to Determine Wood's Potential

By analyzing construction trends from 2011, Forest Service researchers at the Forest Products Laboratory found that the opportunity exists for a ...

Principal Investigator : David B. Mckeever

Resource Management and Use2013FPL