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Highlight IDTitleStrategic Program Area(s)YearStation
Photo of This report summarizes current knowledge on yellow-cedar and offers opportunities to adapt conservation and management of yellow-cedar in Alaska. USDA Forest Service
ID: 772
A Climate Adaptation Strategy for Conservation and Management of Yellow-Cedar in Alaska

A new report assesss past, current, and expected future condition of yellow-cedar forests on all land ownerships where yellow-cedar grows in Ala ...

Principal Investigator : David V. D'Amore

Resource Management and Use2015PNW
Photo of Field crew collecting soil samples on the banks of Rio Roberts creek on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Dave D'Amore, Forest Service
ID: 339
Learning more about the role of salmon-derived nutrients in Southeast Alaska watersheds

This research tested a common assumption and found that, contrary to conventional wisdom, younger soil closest to the stream had lower concentra ...

Principal Investigator : David V. D'Amore

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of
ID: 240
New hypothesis for yellow-cedar decline links calcium accumulation to nitrogen cycles and rooting depth

Station scientists formulated a new hypothesis that explains how cedar trees survive in marginal conditions, yet have roots that are susceptible ...

Principal Investigator : David V. D'Amore

Resource Management and Use2010PNW
Photo of A regional watershed evaluation in southeast Alaska provided fundamental understanding about how carbon moves between land and water. USDA Forest Service
ID: 795
Nutrient Cycling Through Wetlands in Southeast Alaska Affects Stream Carbon

The coastal temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska can be characterized by the constant flow of water between the terrestrial and aquatic syst ...

Principal Investigator : David V. D'Amore

Water, Air, and Soil2015PNW