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Photo of More than 70 years of uneven-aged silviculture practices in the Farm Forestry Forties of the Crossett Experimental Forest in Arkansas have produced a complex stand with many different age classes capable of responding differently to subtle variations in harvest treatments. USDA Forest Service
ID: 931
Research Reveals Age-based Lessons from Decades of Uneven-aged Harvests

Seventy-two years of uneven-aged silviculture has had a profound influence on the development of two pine-dominated stands on the Crossett Exper ...

Principal Investigator : Don C. Bragg

Resource Management and Use2015SRS
Photo of Cumulative drought severity index (CDSI) for forested lands from 1987 to 2013. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1091
Reviewing the Impacts of Drought on Forests of the United States

Changing climate, especially increased temperatures and lower rainfall, and land management practices have the potential to dramatically influen ...

Principal Investigator : Don C. Bragg

Resource Management and Use2016SRS