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Photo of A technician stands in a thinned stand in the Daniel Boone National Forest, Ky.
ID: 1329
Keeping oak forests in oak

Maintaining oaks in southeastern forests is desirable for economic and ecological reasons. Forest managers face many challenges as oak forests g ...

Principal Investigator : Callie Schweitzer

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Tennessee State Forester David Arnold and SRS Research Forester Callie Schweitzer challenged foresters and wildlife managers to think about how and why prescribed fire is used in upland hardwood forests. 
ID: 1482
Why are we using prescribed fire in upland hardwoods?

Prescribed fire in upland hardwoods can be a management conundrum. Challenges include timing fire to meet goals for forest reproduction without ...

Principal Investigator : Callie Schweitzer

Inventory and Monitoring
Wildland Fire and Fuels