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Photo of The American pika, a small non-hibernating mammal related to rabbits that lives in high mountains of western North America. Dr. Andrew Smith, Arizona State University.
ID: 941
The American Pika: From Icon of Climate Vulnerability to Model of Resilience

Despite their small size, mountain dwelling American pikas have gained a big reputation for their supposed vulnerability to climate change and l ...

Principal Investigator : Constance I. Millar

Wildlife and Fish2016PSW
Photo of Limber pine seedlings are migrating upslope in the White Mountains, California, but at only a few locations. Such sites are characterized by the presence of ancient bristlecone pines (Pinus longaeva), which grew there in millennia past under favorable climates, but not at present. Limber pines at this location recruited during the period 1963-2000. White Mountain Peak (14,252'), California's third highest mountain, is in the background. USDA Forest Service
ID: 819
Up, down, and Aaound: High-elevation Pines Respond to Warming in More Ways Than One

Under warming climates, models predict that high-elevation species will migrate up mountain slopes tracking cool conditions. With nowhere to go ...

Principal Investigator : Constance I. Millar

Resource Management and Use2015PSW