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Photo of Koa tree along Saddle Road on east side of the Big Island of Hawaii.
ID: 1404
Environmental factors associated with genetic variation in the Hawaiian koa tree

Forest Service scientists looked at the association between environmental variables and genetic variation in the endemic Hawaiian tree species, ...

Principal Investigator : Christina Liang

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Koa (Acacia koa) tree.
ID: 1014
Landscape Genomics of Koa Tree (Acacia koa)

Forest Service scientists examined patterns of genetic differentiation throughout the genome of the Hawaiian koa tree (Acacia koa) and associate ...

Principal Investigator : Christina Liang

Inventory and Monitoring2016PSW
Photo of A honey bee.
ID: 1013
Strangers at their Doors: Hawaiian Plants and Non-native Pollinators

Forest Service researchers spent 576 hours observing potential pollinators for eight native plant species in a Hawaiian tropical dryland system. ...

Principal Investigator : Christina Liang

Invasive Species
Wildlife and Fish