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Photo of FPL-2017-117
ID: 1289
Enabling cellulose nanomaterial commercialization

Cellulose nanomaterials are a high-value product that can be made from low-value wood.

Principal Investigator : Carl J. Houtman

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Electron micrograph image showing the unusual failure of release coating on a postage stamp. Dark regions are pressure-sensitive adhesive; light regions are silicone-release coating that has pulled away from backing paper liner. Tom Kuster, Forest Service
ID: 22
Forest Service Continues To Make a Better Postage Stamp

Latest research reduces the environmental effect of stamp materials

Principal Investigator : Carl J. Houtman

Resource Management and Use2012FPL
Photo of The dots are microscopic beads and the lines are fungal hyphae. The beads turn from red to green when exposed to oxidation. Notice that the bead next to the fungus is more green than the others. USDA Forest Service.
ID: 912
How Does Wood Decay Start?

How do fungi rot wood? Using new tools, fluorescent dye attached to tiny beads, and laser confocal microscopy, Forest Service scientists were ab ...

Principal Investigator : Carl J. Houtman

Resource Management and Use2015FPL
Photo of FPL research looks to improve the safety of pulp bleaching at paper mills. Thinkstock
ID: 448
Scientists Determine Critical Factors that Caused Peroxide Explosion in Paper Mill

In 2001, a peroxide bleach stage at a paper mill in Evadale, Texas, exploded, rupturing two bleaching towers, destroying a pump, and propelling ...

Principal Investigator : Carl J. Houtman

Resource Management and Use2013FPL