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Photo of Science-based guidelines for planting and caring for Oregon white oaks have been quickly adopted by people planning regeneration programs to halt the decline of this native tree. Above, a technician examines growth on an oak seedling 8 years after planting. Warren Devine, Forest Service
ID: 338
Oregon white oak regeneration enhanced through proper seed and seedling management

Planting Native Oak in the Pacific Northwest is the first comprehensive study of Oregon white oak planting technique. Without post-planting man ...

Principal Investigator : Connie Harrington

Resource Management and Use2011PNW
Photo of A researcher collects a twig sample from a Douglas-fir tree growing in one of the garden sites in the Douglas-fir Seed-Source Movement Trial. Brad St. Clair, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 981
The Douglas-fir Seed-Source Movement Trial Sheds Light on Responses of Adaptive Traits to Changing Climates

This multi-site Forest Service study, encompassing a range of climate and soil conditions, is providing some very specific results on tree growt ...

Principal Investigator : Connie Harrington

Resource Management and Use2016PNW
Photo of A Forest Service researcher measures the diameter of a seedling in the Douglas-fir Seed Source Movement Trial at the J. Herbert Stone Nursery in Central Point, Oregon. Connie Harrington, USDA Forest Service
ID: 533
Tree Adaptation to Future Climates Involves Multiple Aspects

Genetic variation in growth phenology is a potentially important resource for mitigating some of the effects of climate change. Variation in dia ...

Principal Investigator : Connie Harrington

Resource Management and Use2013PNW