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Photo of Researchers and crew plant bluebunch wheatgrass to test the efficacy of seed transfer zones for improved restoration success at Steens Mountain, Oregon. USDA Forest Service
ID: 807
New Seed Zones for Bluebunch Wheatgrass Tested

New seed zones for bluebunch wheatgrass will help local, state, and federal land managers in the Interior Northwest to determine sources of blue ...

Principal Investigator : Brad St. Clair

Resource Management and Use2015PNW
Photo of The Seedlot Selection Tool
ID: 1411
New tool puts the right seed in the right place for the coming climate

The web-based Seedlot Selection Tool helps forest and restoration managers match seedlots with planting sites based on climate information.

Principal Investigator : Brad St. Clair

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil
Photo of A volunteer collects seed from bluebunch wheatgrass in the Blue Mountains, WA, as part of a study to develop seed zones and population movement guidelines. Bluebunch wheatgrass is often used to restore rangeland and burned forested areas. Brad St.Clair, USDA Forest Service
ID: 674
Provisional Seed Zones Developed to Guide Seed Source Decisions for Restoration of Native Species

Forest Service scientists developed generalized provisional seed zones that can be applied to any plant species in the United States to help gui ...

Principal Investigator : Brad St. Clair

Resource Management and Use2014PNW
Photo of A researcher collects a twig sample from a Douglas-fir tree growing in one of the garden sites in the Douglas-fir Seed-Source Movement Trial. Brad St. Clair, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 981
The Douglas-fir Seed-Source Movement Trial Sheds Light on Responses of Adaptive Traits to Changing Climates

This multi-site Forest Service study, encompassing a range of climate and soil conditions, is providing some very specific results on tree growt ...

Principal Investigator : Brad St. Clair

Resource Management and Use2016PNW