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Photo of Newly described pine beetle, Dendroctonus mesoamericanus, initiating a mine into the bark of a healthy pine tree in Chiapas, Mexico.  The beetle is clearing liquid resin being released by the tree as a defensive reaction to prevent beetle entry.  Hundreds of attacks like this one by this species and its close relative the southern pine beetle, Dendroctonus frontalis, can deplete the resin and cause rapid death of the tree.  Once the tree is dead, the beetles feed and reproduce within the bark. USDA Forest Service
ID: 937
Forest Service Scientists and Their International Collaborators Describe a Dangerous New “Mesoamerican Pine Beetle”

A newly discovered species of tree killing bark beetle in Central America, Dendroctonus mesoamericanus, has been recently described by an intern ...

Principal Investigator : Brian Sullivan

Invasive Species2015SRS
Photo of Baldcypress leafroller adult and empty pupal case on a baldcypress shoot. Gerald J. Lenhard, Louisiana State University
ID: 725
Lure Developed for Killer of Louisiana Baldcypress

The land surface of southern Louisiana is sinking as an unintended consequence of humans channeling water flow. Persistent and deeper flooding o ...

Principal Investigator : Brian Sullivan

Resource Management and Use2014SRS