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Photo of Long term soil productivity plot in Missouri. Forest Service
ID: 136
North American Forest Soils are Remarkably Resistant

Ten years of data on 45 locations in the United States and Canada illustrate exactly how much disturbance forest soils can undergo and still rem ...

Principal Investigator : Andy Scott

Water, Air, and Soil2012SRS
Photo of Longleaf pine seedlings grow in soils compacted at different levels and held at different moisture contents in the greenhouse. Andy Scott, USDA Forest Service
ID: 716
Soil Condition Affects Longleaf Pine Seedlings More Than Loblolly Pine Seedlings

Restoring longleaf pine forests to previously disturbed soils, especially those that have been compacted by past management, can have problems. ...

Principal Investigator : Andy Scott

Water, Air, and Soil
Resource Management and Use
Photo of Forest Service researchers Andy Scott and Rick Stagg sample soil bulk density in Texas. USDA Forest Service
ID: 930
Soil Takes on a New Emphasis in Forest Ecosystems

Forest soils produce tree biomass, high-quality water for consumption and aquatic habitat, sequester carbon, and provide recreation opportunitie ...

Principal Investigator : Andy Scott

Resource Management and Use2015SRS