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Photo of This large Douglas-fir died in 2012 and is surrounded by many smaller Douglas-fir, white fir, and Southwestern white pine that recruited during fire exclusion. Stand density in mesic mixed conifer forests increased during fire exclusion.
ID: 1512
Forests transformed by fire exclusion help us understand climate resilience

Fire exclusion can cause rapid changes to forest species composition and structure. These changes can make a forest more susceptible to drought, ...

Principal Investigator : Ann M. Lynch

Water, Air, and Soil
Inventory and Monitoring
Wildland Fire and Fuels
Resource Management and Use
Photo of A specimen from the Pinaleño Mountains with seven fire scars between 1785 and 1863, but no scars from 1864 until the tree was killed by bark beetles in 1995. O'Connor, University of Arizona
ID: 695
Wildfires in Southern Arizona are More Severe but Not Bigger

Scientists found that wildfires prior to 1880 burned about 70 percent of the landscape every 20 years. Since 1880 and the onset of fire exclusio ...

Principal Investigator : Ann M. Lynch

Wildland Fire and Fuels
Resource Management and Use