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Photo of Wildland firefighting helicopter.  Cibola National Forest
ID: 214
Decision Modeling Framework Improves Process for Awarding Firefighting Helicopter Contracts

Aviation managers desired ways to add more rigor, reliability and transparency to the process. NRS researcher Stephanie Snyder was part of a tea ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Wildland Fire and Fuels2010NRS
Photo of Because the small white lady’s slipper tends to occur in isolated populations within a highly fragmented landscape, opportunities for dispersal to new sites and inter-population genetic exchange are minimal, which may limit its capacity to adapt to climate. Justin Meissen, University of Minnesota.
ID: 1034
For the Rare Prairie Orchid, Science is Making Climate Change Local

Forest Service researchers, along with their research partners from the University of Minnesota, are helping land managers answer key questions ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Resource Management and Use2016NRS
Photo of Chart showing thedemand from family forest owners for carbon management and carbon market assistance during 2011.  USDA Forest Service?
ID: 809
Forest Carbon Markets and Private Forest Landowners: Perspectives from State Forestry Agencies

Trees remove carbon from the planet’s atmosphere through photosynthesis and sequester carbon in their wood. Private landowners can manage thei ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Water, Air, and Soil2015NRS
Photo of Kayakers at Freshkills Park site Photo provided by NYC Parks. New York City Parks.
ID: 1007
Forest Service Research Evaluates Public Response to Transformed Landfill

City parks are easy to love, but would you love, or visit, a park that used to be a landfill? As part of a team that included the New York City ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Outdoor Recreation2016NRS
Photo of
ID: 1199
How declining size of private forest land holdings impacts public forest lands

What happens to neighboring public forest lands when a piece of privately held forest land is split into multiple ownership pieces, a process th ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Photo of Afforestation is one means of increasing carbon storage on family forest lands. Stephanie Snyder, USDA Forest Service
ID: 503
Landowners Interested in Managing Family Forest Lands for Carbon

The nation's family forest lands have the potential to be an important contributor to carbon sequestration efforts, but only if their owners are ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Resource Management and Use2013NRS
Photo of Afforestation is one means of increasing forest carbon storage. S.A. Snyder, USDA Forest Service
ID: 624
Study Assesses Private Forest Landowner Attitudes Towards Forest Carbon Management and Carbon Credit Trading

Forest lands, if managed in certain ways, can store excess atmospheric carbon, a key contributor to global climate change. This accumulated carb ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Resource Management and Use2014NRS
Photo of Private forest land posted against unauthorized public access. Forest Service
ID: 60
Study Assesses Public Access to Private Land for Recreation Purposes

Scientists review opportunities, constraints, and possibilities for relieving recreational pressure on public lands

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Outdoor Recreation2012NRS
Photo of Participants
at a Women’s Chainsaw Safety Class
ID: 1448
Study Finds Differences in How Men and Women Manage Family Forests

Although women are the primary decision-makers for more than 44 million acres of forest land in the United States and influence the land managem ...

Principal Investigator : Stephanie Snyder

Resource Management and Use
Water, Air, and Soil