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Photo of Figure 1. Isle Royale National Park (upper left) is home to populations of wolves and moose (upper right, data from Vucetich and Peterson 2015). Simulated trends (+/- 90 percent confidence intervals) in moose population density (lower left), and available forage biomass/moose carrying capacity (lower right) for the three predation scenarios. Actual moose population estimates for Isle Royale from 2006-2015 (black) are provided for reference.
Figure 2. Simulated changes in forest types at Isle Royale after 100 years of no predation vs strong predation rates.
ID: 1252
Modeling wolf-moose forest interactions at Isle Royale National Park

The loss of top predators may have unintended consequences for forest composition and function. Forest Service scientists partnered with the U.S ...

Principal Investigator : Brian R. Miranda

Wildlife and Fish2017NRS
Photo of Aerial view of the Aspen FACE experiment showing the control facilities (middle left), and the 12 atmospheric treatment rings of four treatments with three replicates.  In the ring at bottom center, the different model forest communities are visible. David F. Karnosky, Michigan Tech University.
ID: 463
Scientists Predict Survivability Factors for Northern Forests Given Elevated CO2 and Ozone Levels

The researchers scaled up a high-profile 11-year ecosystem experiment called Aspen-FACE to assess how elevated carbon dioxide and ozone levels m ...

Principal Investigator : Brian R. Miranda

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