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Photo of Thousand Cankers Disease affected eastern black walnut trees used to determine insects emerging and carry the TCD fungus. Jennifer Juzwik, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.
ID: 1123
Ambrosia Beetles and Bark-Colonizing Weevils Carry Thousand Cankers Disease Fungus

Thousand cankers disease (TCD) is a threat to the health of eastern black walnut, a highly valued species for timber and nut production in the e ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

Invasive Species2016NRS
Photo of City forester collecting branch sample from actively wilting white oak tree. USDA Forest Service
ID: 862
DNA-based Method Enhances Detection of the Oak Wilt Fungus

Oak wilt is a major cause of tree death in the eastern United States. Symptoms are slower to develop in white oaks species than red oaks and oak ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

Invasive Species2015NRS
Photo of “Tooth-pick” like structures of insect frass of the black stem borer attacking a walnut tree. J. McKenna, USDA Forest Service
ID: 478
Eastern Black Walnut Trees Plagued by More Than Thousand Cankers Disease

Thousand cankers disease, caused by the interaction of the walnut twig beetle and the fungus Geosmithia morbida, has been detected in four easte ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

Invasive Species2013NRS
Photo of Image 1: Obtaining branch sample from white oak for evaluation of new oak wilt diagnostic tool. USDA Forest Service
Image 2: Drilling to obtain sapwood shavings for fungal DNA extraction.
ID: 1233
New tool detects oak wilt fungus faster and more accurately

Oak wilt is one of several significant diseases threatening the health of oak trees in the U.S. and is a potential threat worldwide. Accurate an ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

Invasive Species2017NRS
Photo of Dorsal and lateral views of the bark-colonizing weevil found to carry the Thousand Cankers Disease fungus in Indiana. Janet C. Ciegler
ID: 642
Thousand-Cankers Disease Fungus Found in Indiana

Thousand-cankers disease (TCD) is caused by the canker-causing fungus Geosmithia morbida when carried by the walnut twig beetle. In an Indiana-w ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

Invasive Species2014NRS
Photo of Researcher inserting temperature probes in oak wilt
fungus-colonized oak logs prior to vacuum steam treatment.
ID: 1455
Vacuum Steam Heat: A New Method to Kill Oak Wilt Fungus in Logs

International export of oak logs from the United States requires fumigation of the logs with methyl bromide. However, methyl bromide causes seve ...

Principal Investigator : Jennifer Juzwik

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