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Photo of Restoration in urban areas can take several forms ' or ' View of Chicago skyline from Calumet restoration sites. Lynne Westphal, Forest Service
ID: 202
Models for Ecological Restoration in Urban Areas: Lessons From the USA and Europe

NRS researchers Paul Gobster and Lynne Westphal and a German colleague, Matthias Gross, analyzed urban restoration projects and developed severa ...

Principal Investigator : Paul H. Gobster

Outdoor Recreation2010NRS
Photo of Reactions to fear of crime and their relationships to recreation behavior. Paul Gobster, Forest Service
ID: 203
Perceptions of Crime and its Impacts on the Use of Urban Parks by Latino Residents

NRS scientist Paul Gobster examined how the perceptions of Latino residents in two inner-city Chicago neighborhoods affected their use of outdoo ...

Principal Investigator : Paul H. Gobster

Outdoor Recreation2010NRS