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Forest Management Economics for Private Forest Landowners in Honduras

Photo of Shaded coffee plantation under pine forest. Thomas Brandeis, USDA Forest ServiceShaded coffee plantation under pine forest. Thomas Brandeis, USDA Forest ServiceSnapshot : This work will help improve private landowner participation and livelihood through an economic assessment of forest management needs and recommendations for Honduras Forestry Authority (ICF in Spanish) on how to promote private landowner participation in the management of their pine forests.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Brandeis, Consuelo 
Research Location : Honduras
Research Station : Southern Research Station (SRS)
Year : 2014
Highlight ID : 729


Rights and responsibilities for managing forests on private lands were granted by the Honduran government to private landowners during the past decade. Most landowners are still unaware or unsure of the currently forestry law and frustrated by lengthy and costly processes that hinder their plans for managing their forest resources. Forest fires and illegal logging are continuous threats and major causes of forest cover loss. Forest Service scientists assessed the needs of small private forest landowners through open meetings with forest landowners' associations from Quimistan, San Marcos de Colon, Choluteca, and other areas of the country. Perceived needs include improving understanding of forest valuation and development of marketing tools. Increasing the economic benefit from forest activity will likely motivate landowners to protect and use their forestlands sustainably. Economically successful forest landowners' associations also will help generate local employment and improve economic conditions for rural communities.

Forest Service Partners

External Partners

  • USDA FS, International Programs
  • Honduras Forestry Authority (ICF)