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WaterViz for Hubbard Brook: A Water Cycle Visualization Tool

Photo of A screen shot of the WaterViz visualization. USDA Forest Service A screen shot of the WaterViz visualization. USDA Forest Service Snapshot : The WaterViz for Hubbard Brook is a new water-cycle visualization tool for creatively communicating water science to the public with realtime forest data. It uses hydrologic data captured digitally from a small first-order catchment at the Forest Service's Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in the White Mountains National Forest to animate a flash visualization and sonification available to viewers and listeners worldwide on the Internet.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Rustad, Lindsey 
Research Location : Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest
Research Station : Northern Research Station (NRS)
Year : 2014
Highlight ID : 637


WaterViz for Hubbard Brook is a new online tool for creatively communicating water cycle science to the public with real time forest data. The hydrologic sciences, visual arts, music, education, and graphic design are all part of the WaterViz for Hubbard Brook. It builds on a new generation of digital environmental sensors and wireless communication devices that are revolutionizing how scientists "see" the natural world. Hydrologic data are captured from a small experimental forest owned and operated by the Forest Service in the rugged White Mountains of New Hampshire using an array of environmental sensors. These data are transmitted to the Internet in real time and are used to drive a computer model that calculates all components of the water cycle for the catchment in real time. These data, in turn, drive an artistic simulation (delivered as a flash animation) and musical sonification (delivered via an internet radio station) of the water cycle, reflecting the hydrologic processes occurring at that moment in time. The viewer is invited to explore the website, interact with the data, and learn more about water-cycle science and the Forest Service's experimental forests and ranges.

Additional Resources

WaterViz for Hubbard Brook(external web site)

Forest Service Partners

External Partners

  • Mark Green (NRS-07)
  • Scott Bailey (NRS-07)
  • Alison Magill, Web Design and Content Management, University of New Hampshire.
  • Gajan Sivandran, Hydrologic Modeler, Ohio State University
  • Ivaylo Dzhedzhev, Visualization Developer, Simosol Oy, Finland
  • Jacquelyn Wilson, Education and Outreach, Hubbard Brook Research Foundation, Woodstock NH
  • Juan Carlos Espinosa, Composer, Florida International University
  • Jussi Rasinmäki, Visualization Developer, Simosol Oy, Finland
  • Mary Martin, Web programing and Data Management, University of New Hampshire
  • Xavier Cortada, Visual Artist, College of Architecture and The Arts, Florida International University