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International Research Institute Formed to Address Utilization of Plantation Grown Biomaterials

Photo of Group photoGroup photoSnapshot : Leading wood scientists and engineers from around the globe formed an international group to address conservation issues surrounding historic trees and structures.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Ross, Robert J. 
Research Location : International
Research Station : Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)
Year : 2018
Highlight ID : 1493


An international research group was formed to develop nondestructive evaluation technologies to address a range of conservation related issues, including evaluation of historic wood structures and trees, and uses for plantation grown biomaterials. Leading wood scientists from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America gathered in Beijing, China, combining resources and technical expertise, to address the need for technologies to assess the condition, performance, and utilization potential for forest biomaterials.

Forest Service Partners

External Partners

  • Brian K. Brashaw, State and Private Forestry
  • Beijing Forestry University