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Report Investigates Connection Between Urban Green Spaces and Environmental Justice

Photo of Children join in a game of tug of war. Forest Service Children join in a game of tug of war. Forest Service Snapshot : Ecosystem services from urban green spaces have numerous benefits for the landscape and public health

Principal Investigators(s) :
Johnson Gaither, Cassandra 
Research Station : Southern Research Station (SRS)
Year : 2012
Highlight ID : 143


Urban green spaces provide ecological services that influence human health and disproportionate access to the health benefits of green spaces may promote environmental health inequalities. This review of the literature, focusing on the connection between urban green space access and environmental justice, discusses the dynamics of the relationship as it relates to factors such as environmental quality, land use, and environmental health disparities.

Urban development stresses the landscape and may compromise environmental quality. Because some communities are disproportionately affected by changes in land use and land cover, understanding environmental justice implications of changing the landscape is important. The review synthesizes information from a range of disciplines—urban ecology, sociology, public health, and environmental science—to address collective concerns related to green spaces and environmental justice. The review also articulates a gap in the literature related to empirical research on the subject.

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  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

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