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Advancing Agroforestry by Supporting Those Who Assist Producers

Photo of Silvopasturist and mushroom grower Greg Judy answers questions of the 2018 Missouri Agroforestry Academy Students.
Silvopasturist and mushroom grower Greg Judy answers questions of the 2018 Missouri Agroforestry Academy Students. Snapshot : Increasing natural resource professionals' knowledge and experience of agroforestry is one focus of the National Agroforestry Center. This is best done by utilizing a variety of approaches, tools and settings.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Stein, Susan M.  
Research Location : Nationwide
Research Station : Washington Office (WO)
Year : 2018
Highlight ID : 1419


The partnership of the USDA Forest Service Research & Development, State & Private Forestry and the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service supports the Technology Transfer efforts of the National Agroforestry Center, NAC. The goal of this work is to increase the adoption and understanding of agroforestry in the U.S. This is accomplished through four primary types of engagements with natural resource partners: 1) creating printed educational materials for distribution on request, 2) organizing and instructing at local and regional training sessions and workshops, 3) providing instruction through webinars, and 4) supporting regional and state level agroforestry program development and delivery. In FY2018, in addition to publication distribution, NAC instructed at six workshops and presented five webinars for natural resource professionals, as well as supporting regional agroforestry working groups in their agroforestry program development and delivery.

Forest Service Partners

External Partners

  • Jim Chamberlain, Southern Research Station
  • Katie Friday, Region 5
  • Richard Straight, Kate MacFarland, Joe Banegas, Gary Bentrup, Todd Kellerman, National Agroforestry Center
  • Steve Koehn, USFS Cooperative Forestry¬†
  • Badege Bishaw, Oregon State University
  • Charlie Barden, Kansas State University
  • David Brown, Southern Plains Climate Hub
  • Diomy Zamora, Gary Wyatt, University of Minnesota
  • Erik Hagan, Eric Burkhart, Penn State University
  • Eunice Padley, WO USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Graham Christensen, ReGenerate Nebraska
  • Greg Josten, Brian Garbisch, Nathan Kafer, South Dakota Resource Conservation and Forestry
  • John Erixon, John DuPlissis, Jay Seaton, Nebraska Forest Service
  • John Munsell, Holly Chittum, Tiffany Brown, Katie Trozzo, VaTech University
  • Jonathan Mottsinger, Texas Forest Service.?
  • Keefe Keeley, Kevin Wolz, Savanna Institute
  • Kim Gridley, Capital RC&D (PA)
  • Larry Biles, Bob Atchison, Kansas State Forestry
  • Michael Gold, Gregory Ormsby Mori University of Missouri
  • Richard Warner, Green Lands, Blue Waters
  • Steve Gabriel, Brett Chedzoy, Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Tracey Coulter, Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry