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Gender bias affects forests worldwide

Photo of Gender and Forests, published in 2017.Gender and Forests, published in 2017.Snapshot : A new book compiles 30 years of key articles on gender and forests and concludes gender biases persist in forestry research and practice.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Hummel, Susan Stevens 
Research Location : International
Research Station : Pacific Northwest Research Station (PNW)
Year : 2017
Highlight ID : 1366


Mandates exist to address gender inequities in natural resource management, yet research on the topic had never before been pulled together and summarized for ease of access by practitioners and scholars. In response to demand, particularly in the southern hemisphere, Susan Hummel, a research forester with the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station, and her co-editors compiled key articles on gender and forests from the last 30 years and provided an editorial overview. The resulting book provides an accessible collection of forestry-relevant social science research and describes the leading debates on the topic of gender and forests. The editors identify five persistent and inter-related global themes: gendered governance, tree tenure, forest spaces, division of labor, and ecological knowledge. Each theme is documented in the northern and southern hemisphere and reflects inequities in women's and men's ability to make decisions about and benefit from trees, forests, and their products. The ways in which gender relates to each theme varies across cultures and contexts, but the influence of gender in shaping forest landscapes is global. They conclude: “Gender biases persist in forestry research and practice. These biases result in reduced scientific rigor and inequitable, ineffective, and less efficient policies, programs, and interventions.” This book is a companion volume to Gender and Forests: Climate Change, Tenure, Value Chains and Emerging Issues (2016). Its findings were featured during "World Forest Week" sponsored by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and publicized via video.

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