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Evaluating fire-damaged components of historic covered bridges

Photo of Snapshot : Arson continues to claim many historic covered bridges including the most recent one : Cedar Covered Bridge

Principal Investigators(s) :
Dietenberger, Mark A. 
Research Location : Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Butte, Montana
Research Station : Forest Products Laboratory (FPL)
Year : 2017
Highlight ID : 1291


Site-specific, post-fire evaluations of the structural integrity of a bridge are often necessary in a fire’s aftermath. Decisions on whether individual wood components can be rehabilitated, reconstructed, or replaced must be made. This report includes coverage of existing approaches and exploratory approaches that can be used for general guidance and a select number of more specific treatments that can be used to approximate the residual capacity of individual fire-damaged members. Topics such as fire-retardant treatments and other measures to prevent future fire damage are also discussed.

Forest Service Partners

External Partners

  • Brian Kukay
  • Charles Todd
  • Jenson Sannon
  • Logan Dunlap
  • Tyler Jahnr