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New addition to i-Tree family estimates carbon in wood products

Photo of i-Tree PRESTO welcome screen. i-Tree PRESTO welcome screen. Snapshot : Wood continues to store carbon after it is harvested, and some carbon offset programs allow landowners to receive credit for carbon in products made from harvested wood. The challenge is how to accurately estimate how much carbon wood products store. Forest Service scientists, in collaboration with scientists at ESSA Technologies, created i-Tree PRESTO to put those numbers at your fingertips.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Hoover, Coeli 
Research Location : Durham, NH
Research Station : Northern Research Station (NRS)
Year : 2017
Highlight ID : 1225


The newest addition to the i-Tree family of online tools is designed to allow a wide variety of users to estimate the carbon stored in products made from harvested wood. i-Tree PRESTO (PRoduct EStimation Tool Online) is an online tool that allows land managers and landowners to estimate the amount of carbon stored in products over time based on harvest volume, geographic region, and type of wood. Users do not need to install software or register for an account, and are able to save work to a desktop file for later use. Detailed harvest data can be entered, or users can enter lump sum values to explore the effects of shifting the relative amounts of pulpwood and sawtimber harvested. Reports are available in two formats: a detailed report providing carbon estimates every 10 years for a 100-year period, or as a 100-year average value. A variety of English and metric units are available to allow users to easily enter data. i-Tree PRESTO was designed for forest landowners, forest managers, foresters, researchers, and anyone interested in exploring how wood products contribute to keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.

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  • The Davey Tree Expert Company, ESSA Technologies

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