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Options for Timber Salvaging After Natural Disasters in the Gulf States

Photo of Storm damage to timber. Donald L. Buckner, Diversified Consulting Services.Storm damage to timber. Donald L. Buckner, Diversified Consulting Services.Snapshot : Forest Service researchers analyzed timber salvaging data collected in the Gulf State region after major hurricanes. Post-hurricane analysis leads to a better understanding of storm salvaging operations and increased salvaging efficiency.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Montague, Iris B.  
Research Location : Gulf Region
Research Station : Northern Research Station (NRS)
Year : 2016
Highlight ID : 1162


Forest Service researchers and their partners at Mississippi State University analyzed data collected in the Gulf State region pertaining to timber salvaging operations after major hurricanes. Timber damage from Hurricane Katrina alone devastated the forestry industry and caused an estimated $1.3 billion in timber damage. Research was conducted to determine the best avenues to develop a network for private forest landowners and forest industry professionals who would help manage efficient timber salvage and decrease timber waste after natural disasters. Forest Service researchers also sought to determine if the Windwood Utilization website created after Hurricane Katrina remained a viable resource to obtain storm salvage information. Data was collected from private forest landowners and forest industry representatives in five Gulf States to determine the best ways to disseminate information during and after natural disasters. Research results show that landowners over 50 years old who had pre-existing relationships with forest industry professionals were more likely to be successful at salvaging portions of their timber. The research also shows that most landowners with large acreage older than 50 years are more likely to use established connections to obtain post-disaster information.

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