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A Caribbean Foresters Collaborative Network for Understanding Regional Forest Dynamics

Photo of Cover of the special issue. The Caribbean Naturalist, Bienvenida and Gerald Bauer.Cover of the special issue. The Caribbean Naturalist, Bienvenida and Gerald Bauer.Snapshot : The role of Caribbean forestry research in permanent plots has been identified as both a previously untapped regional source for capacity building as well as serving as sentinel sites for understanding responses to climate change. The new perspective on Caribbean forests emerging from regional collaborations demonstrates how coordinated monitoring of permanent forest plots spread across islands can help to build island foresters’ predictive capacities as they study forest responses to climate change disturbances at both local and regional scales.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Heartsill Scalley, Tamara 
Research Location : Caribbean, International
Research Station : International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF)
Year : 2016
Highlight ID : 1148


A special issue in the journal Caribbean Naturalist presents collaborative developments taking place in Caribbean forestry and reports on the establishment of permanent forest plots serving as baseline for conservation and management strategies in light of regional climate change. This special issue contains contributions to the 16th Caribbean Foresters Meetings and invited features, including data driven strategies for the analysis of Caribbean forests conditions, presenting permanent forest plots as a valuable teaching resource, data on long-term forest dynamics, and how to improve regional capacity in forest monitoring as identified by members of each country in attendance to the meeting. Caribbean region floristics, conservation partnerships, and Caribbean Foresters working group initiatives are also discussed. The reports in this special issue of emerging networks and initiatives currently proposed for the region will contribute to a new perspective on Caribbean forests, which will contribute to improve the livelihoods, wise-use of resources, and sustainability of this region.

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