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The Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative

Photo of CLCC logo CLCC logo Snapshot : A New Framework for Effective Conservation of Natural and Cultural Resources in the Caribbean.

Principal Investigators(s) :
Gould, William A. 
Research Location : Caribbean
Research Station : International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF)
Year : 2016
Highlight ID : 1106


Governmental and nongovernmental organizations charged with managing natural resources increasingly emphasize the need to work across jurisdictional boundaries. Their challenge is to manage shifting resources under rapidly changing climate and land-use scenarios. Scientists, resource managers, and conservation planners, and their organizations and agencies routinely collaborate on projects to solve specific problems. Cooperative frameworks to programmatically address complex social-environmental issues and develop shared research, planning, and implementation priorities are relatively new. One such framework includes 22 Landscape Conservation Cooperatives that encompass the US, Caribbean countries, and bordering regions of Mexico and Canada. The most recently established collaboration is the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative, which is intended to provide land managers with the best available scientific data and to assist them n developing shared conservation priorities and implementing conservation actions.