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Fire x Fauna Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

What: The Fire x Fauna webinar series will bring together scientists from across U.S. Forest Service research stations to explore the effects of wildfire and prescribed fire on wildlife in the United States. Covering ecosystems and fire management practices across a wide range of geographies, speakers will present their research and best practices for balancing wildlife conservation and forest management goals.

When: November 16-20, 2020 / 2-3pm EST daily

Where: link

Schedule and Speakers

November 16: Bats x fire across the US

  • Prescribed fire effects on bats and bat habitat in the eastern U.S., presented by Roger Perry, Research Wildlife Biologist
  • What we know and don’t know about bats’ responses to wildfire and prescribed fire in North American forests, presented by Susan Loeb, Research Ecologist
  • Bats and wildfire in the western U.S.: Why we need to know more, presented by Angela White, Research Wildlife Biologist and Ted Weller, Research Ecologist

November 17: Birds, biodiversity x fire in eastern forests

  • Breeding bird response to fire and other disturbances in eastern hardwood
    , presented by Cathryn Greenberg, Research Ecologist
  • Pine woodland restoration and prescribed fire effects on songbirds and
    nightjars in the Ozark highlands
    , presented by Frank Thompson, Research Wildlife Biologist
  • Wildlife need fire (or fire surrogates) in the eastern United States, presented by
    Brice Hanberry, Research Ecologist and Frank Thompson, Research
    Wildlife Biologist

November 18: Spotted owls x fire

  • Quantification of wildfire severity in forests for northern spotted owls, presented by Damon Lesmeister, Research Wildlife Biologist
  • California spotted owl responses to fire and lessons for fire management, presented by Gavin Jones, Research Ecologist
  • Mexican spotted owls and wildfire, presented by Joseph Ganey,Research Wildlife Biologist; Michael Lommler, Paul Beier, and Jamie Sanderlin, Vertebrate Ecologist

November 19: Mammals, birds x fire in western forests

  • Exploring pyrodiversity and biodiversity: effects of fire on bird and small mammal communities of the Southwest, presented by Jamie Sanderlin, Research Vertebrate Ecologist
  • Effects of fire on small mammal communities of the Pacific Northwest, presented by Todd Wilson, Wildlife Biologist
  • Threats to California fishers: Reconciling optimal and resilient habitat, presented by Craig Thompson, Research Ecologist

November 20: Where there's smoke there's fire

  • Cannabis cultivation and wildfires: Where there’s smoke, there’s smoke, presented by Adam Cummings, Ecologist
  • Wildfires ignitions, costs to wildlife, and workplace safety issues from illegal cannabis cultivation, presented by Mourad Gabriel, Ecologist
  • Wildland fire smoke cools rivers-Benefits for tribes and fish, presented by Frank Lake, Research Ecologist