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The Cross Pollinator Archives - Issue 3

the cross pollinator

The Cross-Pollinator is a science synthesis publication produced quarterly in cooperation between the Northern Research Station, the Urban Field Station Network, State and Private Forestry, and the Urban Forest Technology and Science Delivery Team. It spotlights transdisciplinary collaborations among researchers and practitioners that “cross” forest research with urban and community forests at a landscape scale.

Issue 3: A Threat to Ecological Investments: Plant Pathogens in Landscape Restoration Projects

A Threat to Ecological Investments: Plant Pathogens in Landscape Restoration Projects

To repair ecological damage caused by construction, landscape managers typically apply restoration techniques - but what if these activities further damage the ecology?  Invasive Phytophthora pathogens have been inadvertently introduced to environmentally vulnerable and important restoration sites, often resulting in plant illness or death and the need for costly remediation. The USDA Forest Service and partners have been researching invasive pathogens in the genus Phytophthora to protect sensitive habitats in restoration sites in high risk regions around the country. 

Current Buzz - A list of related tools and resources

A Threat to Ecological Investments: Plant Pathogens in Landscape Restoration Projects 



Reports, Resources, & Tools 

  • USDA Forest Service Reforestation, Nurseries and Genetic Resources:

Research Papers

  • Frankel, S.J.; Alexander, J.A.; Benner, D.; Shor, A. 2018. Coordinated response to inadvertent introduction to pathogens in California restoration areas. California Agriculture. 72(4): 205€“207.
  • Frankel, S.J.; Alexander, J.; Benner, D.; Hillman, J.; Shor, A. 2020. Phytophthora pathogens threaten rare habitats and conservation plantings. Sibbaldia: International Journal of Botanic Garden Horticulture. 18: 53€“65.
  • Frankel, S.J.; Swiecki, T.J.; Bernhardt, E.A.; Benner, D.; Blomquist, C.; Rooney-Latham, S. 2020. Accreditation to improve restoration program shows promise for pathogen prevention. In: Frankel, S.J.; Alexander, J.M., tech. coords. Proceedings of the seventh sudden oak death science and management symposium: healthy plants in a world with Phytophthora. Gen. Tech. Rep. PSW-GTR-268. Albany, CA: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Pacific Southwest Research Station: 60€“61.

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