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Sustainable & Economical Biomass Management & Production

Comparison of loblolly pine & sweetgum as biomass feedstocks
Side-by-side comparison of loblolly pine (l) & sweetgum (r) as potential biomass feedstocks

Capturing the potential of forest biomass resources entails addressing major challenges, such as developing a reliable and sustainable feedstock supply; understanding and quantifying land-use change and competition; and reducing costs for growing, recovering, and transporting feedstocks.  Critical areas of research include developing:

  • sustainable management and utilization options, systems, and practices to effectively integrate biomass production into ongoing forest management activities;
  • best management practices for sustainable expanded biomass removal;
  • new woody crops varieties that are fast-growing, efficient in using water and nutrients, and resistant to pests and environmental stresses,
  • science and technology for short rotation woody cropping systems –wood that is purpose-grown for use in energy applications
  • improved harvest, collection, handling, and transportation systems for woody biomass; and
  • strategies to integrate forested systems into agricultural landscapes to provide services and income.