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Decision Making Information & Tools

Researcher inventorying biomass material
Researcher inventorying biomass material

Forest Service Research & Development provides information to analyze and inform policy and develops a variety of tools useful for on-the-ground decision making by landowners, and land managers, and community, state, and federal leaders.  These tools are based on information on past and expected trends in markets, products, demand, supply, forest productivity, harvest, forest condition, infrastructure, and policy. Critical areas of research include providing:

  • higher resolution national and regional feedstock availability projections;
  • models to assist in bioenergy facility site selection;
  • sustainability criteria for forest bioenergy feedstocks;
  • logistics and decision support tools to improve treatment, harvest and transport efficiency;
  • integrated models of land use patterns and bioenergy markets;
  • life cycle analysis; and
  • assessment tools for forest bioenergy/bioproducts supply chains.