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Forestry Research Advisory Council

FRAC Members. Credit: Carlos Milan

The Forestry Research Advisory Council (FRAC) is required by the Agriculture and Food Act of 1981 to provide advice to the Secretary of Agriculture on accomplishing efficiently the purposes of the McIntire-Stennis Act of 1962. The act authorizes the secretary to support states in carrying out a program of forestry research through land-grant colleges or agricultural experiment stations and other state-supported colleges and universities that offer graduate training in the sciences basic to forestry. The council also provides advice related to the Forest Service research program, authorized by the Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Research Act of 1978. Council responsibilities cover regional and national forestry research planning and coordination within Federal and State agencies, forestry schools, forest industries, and non-governmental organizations. The council is composed of up to 20 members appointed by the secretary and drawn from Federal, State, university, industry, and non-governmental organizations. It convenes at least annually and presents recommendations to the secretary. The Deputy Chief of Forest Service Research and Development serves as the Executive Secretary of the Council and coordinates development of FRAC agendas and other activities with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, which is responsible for apportionment of funds under the McIntire-Stennis Program.

Now Accepting Nominations for New FRAC Members

Membership of the Forestry Research Advisory Council (FRAC) offers opportunities to significantly influence the direction of academic and government research in concrete ways. Nominations are now being accepted for new council members. The council meets at least annually, and council members serve staggered terms that last up to three years.

Council members are sought from government agencies (federal, state, and county), private industry, academic institutions, NGOs, and tribal groups. No individual who is currently registered as a federal lobbyist is eligible to serve as a council member.

Each nomination package must include a resume and completed form AD-755 (Advisory Committee Membership Background Information). A cover letter and letters of recommendation are also welcome. Submit applications via:

  • Email to Also copy
  • Express mail or overnight courier service to Tracy C. Hancock, USDA Forest Service, Office of the Deputy Chief, Research and Development, 201 14th Street, SW, Mail Stop 1120, Washington, DC 20250-11. 
  • U.S. Postal Service mail to U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Office of the Deputy Chief, Research and Development, Mail Stop 1120, 1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC  20250-1120.

For more information, contact Tracy Hancock, FRAC Designated Federal Official, USDA Forest Service, at (202) 205-1724 or

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