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Recreation Facility Analysis

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Key Points about Recreation Facility Analysis

As citizen preferences for recreation opportunities evolve and populations shift, the Forest Service continues to place a high priority on providing quality recreation opportunities to meet both new and traditional demands.


The Forest Service uses trend analysis to support excellent public service.


The Forest is committed to responsibly serving the public by efficiently operating and, when necessary, modifying the services we offer to ensure the right recreation opportunities are provided in the right places.


Recreation Facility Analysis is one of the tools that, with the help of the public, communities and private sector, will allow us to be fiscally responsible and continue to provide outstanding recreation opportunities for the public.


National forest recreation managers incorporate and value public input as a part of the Recreation Facility Analysis process.


The Chief of the Forest Service has instructed all national forests to take several actions to strengthen public participation in the Recreation Facility Analysis process and improve communication. These actions respond directly to key findings and recommendations of a public participation Review Team Report.


The Review Team Report found that since Deputy Chief Joel Holtrop’s letter of direction dated October 12, 2006, the Forest Service has increased and improved public participation in the overall Recreation Facility Analysis process.


The Review Team Report states that the Recreation Facility Analysis process is an important administrative tool that enables the Forest Service to continue offering Americans quality recreational experiences on national forests and grasslands.


US Forest Service
Last modified March 28, 2013

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