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Interactive Travel Map

Find roads, trails, and areas designated for motor vehicle use

The interactive travel map shows the National Forest System roads, National Forest System trails, and areas on National Forest System lands that are designated for motor vehicle use. The map is searchable by vehicle class, time of year, route number, and travel mode. You can zoom into an area on a national forest or grassland, see the roads and trails in that area, and find out which ones are open to motor vehicles, and when. You can see rivers, lakes, mountain peaks, campgrounds, and topographic lines. Land ownership is shown by color. You can also print a map of the area you wish to visit.

Work in Progress

The interactive travel map is a work in progress. We are starting with a relatively small number of national forests and grasslands participating, but we hope the number will grow quickly. Participating areas show up in dark green.

Do you have comments or suggestions to help improve the map? Please click on the envelope icon in the upper right hand corner of the Interactive Travel Map application to send your ideas to the Forest Service.

Open Interactive Travel Map

Travel Management Directives – Effective January 8, 2009

The Federal Register Notice (73 FR 74689) for the final travel management directives was published on December 9, 2008. The directives became effective January 8, 2009.

FederalRegister Notice for Travel Management Directives (pdf), December 9, 2008

Travel Management Directives

  • FSM2350 Trail, River, and Similar Recreation Opportunities (doc)
  • FSM 7700 Travel Management (doc)
  • FSM 7710 Travel Planning (doc)

Travel Management & Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Program

Travel Management Rule (36 CFR 212, Subpart B, Designation of Roads, Trails, and Areas for Motor Vehicle Use)

Highlights of the Rule

  • The rule requires each national forest or ranger district to designate those roads, trails, and areas open to motor vehicles.
  • Designation will include class of vehicle and, if appropriate, time of year for motor vehicle use. A given route, for example, could be designated for use by motorcycles, ATVs, or street-legal vehicles.
  • Once designation is complete, the rule will prohibit motor vehicle use off the designated system or inconsistent with the designations.
  • Designation decisions will be made locally, with public input and in coordination with state, local, and tribal governments.
  • Designations will be shown on a motor vehicle use map. Use inconsistent with the designations will be prohibited.

Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Schedule for Implementation of the Travel Management Rule

On June 8, 2006, Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth approved the agency's schedule for implementation of the travel management rule. The schedule will guide local efforts to designate those roads, trails, and areas open to motor vehicle use through a collaborative travel planning process emphasizing public involvement and coordination with state, local, and tribal governments. The schedule also contains important information on the current status of travel planning on each national forest and grassland across the country.

FY 2006

FY 2007

FY 2008

FY 2009

FY 2010

Need for Designating Routes and Areas for Motor Vehicle Use

Over the past few decades, the availability and capability of OHVs has increased tremendously. That’s a good thing. More Americans are enjoying access and recreational opportunities on their national forests and grasslands, in keeping with the Forest Service’s multiple use mandate. However, the increase in OHV use also affects soil, water, wildlife habitat, and other recreational visitors. Today unmanaged recreation, including impacts from off-highway vehicles, represents one of four key threats facing the nation’s forests and grasslands. The 2005 edition of On the Right Trail provides additional background information.

Next Steps

  • Forest supervisors and district rangers will be involving the public in designating roads, trails, and areas for motor vehicle use.

  • The agency expects national forests and grasslands to complete the designation process within four years.

Working Together

Once the designation process system roads, trails and areas are completed on National Forest and Grasslands units, on-the-ground implementation of these decisions are critical in the success of Travel Management. These efforts include:

  • Effective partnerships with state and local government and user groups are already providing collaborative planning, maintenance, and shared resources to better manage OHV use.

  • Sustainable motorized recreation will require continuing partnerships to address road and trail maintenance, enforcement, and protection of natural resources.

OHV Use Figures

Executive Order

Access Executive Order 11644 (as amended) - USE OF OFF-ROAD VEHICLES ON THE PUBLIC LANDS at the Government Printing Office website. This Executive Order provides direction in the management of off-highway vehicles on National Forest Systems lands.

Collaboration Summit

On April 12 and 13, 2005, representatives of state and federal agencies, OHV manufacturers and user groups, environmental groups, and others interested in travel management gathered to discuss the potential for collaboration in managing motorized recreation. This "OHV Collaboration Summit" was co-sponsored by the Forest Service, the State of California, the Bureau of Land Management, and the National Association of Counties. Highlights of the proceedings included review of case studies in travel management, and open discussions of lessons in collaborative planning. Proceedings of the summit:

Handouts from Breakout Sessions

General Off-Highway Vehicle Information

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